Supporting the RESTAURANTS Act



Dear guests,

The restaurant community and surrounding industries urgently needs help from Congress. COVID-19 poses an unprecedented threat to restaurants around the nation, and particularly in the Asheville area. Our business model is predicated on high capacity gatherings, and the pandemic makes that impossible. We will not survive without help, and face sweeping and indiscriminate failure. Without a revitalization package with your support, 85% of independent restaurants face permanent closure by year end.

Individually, restaurants are small, but collectively we are vast. The independent restaurant community directly employs over 11 million Americans, and 5 million more through the supply chain. Allowing this $760 billion industry to disappear would send shock waves through the economy. Independent restaurants support local farmers and purveyors, linen suppliers, chemical service companies, appliance repairmen, distributors, and the list goes on. Without restaurants to support these ancillary industries, they will lay off their workers in a chain reaction. The economic downfall would be steep.

We are asking you to help independent restaurants by letting your representatives know that you support the RESTAURANTS Act. This $120 billion revitalization package uses projected revenue differences between 2019 and 2020 to create grants for independent restaurants.

Aside from reducing the national unemployment rate by 2.4% and generating up to $271 billion in economic benefit. The RESTAURANTS Act would preserve North Carolina’s $21.4 billion restaurant economy, and protect its 19,504 eating and drinking places. North Carolinians depend on the restaurant industry for gainful employment, as food services account for 8.7% of all employment in North Carolina. Sadly, as unemployment has skyrocketed, North Carolinians in the hospitality industry have been left jobless; leisure and hospitality workers have accounted for 42% of all jobs lost in North Carolina since the beginning of March.

We hope this will lead you to email your representatives in support of the RESTAURANTS Act. More information about the RESTAURANTS Act and Independent Restaurant Coalition can be found here. Thank you for your consideration, and we hope to host you at our restaurants in the future.

Chef Katie Button & The Katie Button Restaurants team